Choosing Health Care Insurance At AIG Malaysia

AIG Malaysia is really a prominent insurance agency in Malaysia. The insurance policy they provide is supposed to help minimize unneeded emotional stress and problems when it comes to miserable accidents. Protection plan insurance plan is likely to present you with comfort to rest easy, realizing that your future is taken care of.

AIG Malaysia provides four key coverage. Home insurance protects the contents and assembly in your home against hazards, vehicles insurance protects your cars, holiday insurance guards you from accidents while travelling, and individual accident insurance maintains you against loss accrued in the event of an accident. AIG’s Travel Insurance policies are divided into three main branches: insurance for local and abroad travel, and insurance for college students travelling offshore. All policies come with medical and individual accident cover so that you need not worry about incurring unpredicted expenses while abroad.

AIG Malaysia

The key benefits of AIG’s home insurance coverage include protection in case of any rental destruction, tax assistance for alternative accommodation in case your home is damaged by way of natural catastrophe or fire. The insurance plan also has 24/7 protection, whether or not you away at the office or on vacation.

Protect your vehicle with AIG’s comprehensive car insurance policy. Some benefits of the policy include our road assist service that can help you change your tyres, battery, and assist you in any accidents. In the case of car damage, you will also be given a full pay-out.

AIG’s Personal Accident Insurance policies are versatile and in-depth in your every need. Personal accident insurance also can act as a supplement to the other kinds of insurance you’ll currently have. Apart from financial support, there’s also AIG Malaysia devoted to assisting you and your loved ones with peace of mind with the knowledge that our insurance policies might safely protect you. If you’re looking for a protection plan, house insurance, vehicle insurance, or personal accident insurance cover, all our coverage is in-depth and versatile, with various add-on coverage.